Webcasting and recording Council meetings

Details of the public right to film Council meetings and broadcasting meetings online.

Webcasting of meetings

We are now webcasting some of our public meetings. These meetings will be broadcast live and will then be available to view for a further six months.

Watching a webcast

You can watch our webcast meetings on the link below.

In attending any meeting you are recognising that you may be filmed and consenting to the webcast being broadcast on-line and available for others to view.

If you do not wish to be filmed by the Council please contact democratic.services@reigate-banstead.gov.uk before the meeting for advice.

Please be aware, however, that the Council has no control or powers of veto over the public filming or recording, as long as it does not cause a nuisance or interfere with the smooth running of the meeting. 

Webcast terms and conditions

  • All footage from the webcasts is the property of Reigate and Banstead Borough Council.  The people featured in our webcasts have only agreed to appear on our official site.
  • You are not permitted to download, or upload to any other website, the footage from the Council’s official webcasts.
  • You should be aware that video sharing sites such as YouTube make it a condition of use for you to be the copyright owner and to have the express permission of everyone filmed in order to upload any recordings  onto their sites.

Public right to record meetings

Members of the public have the right to film, audio-record and take photographs at public meetings of the Council and its committees.

You can also tweet or blog or use any other social media as long as it isn’t disruptive. Giving a running commentary or talking during the meeting isn’t allowed because it would be a nuisance to other people.

We recommend that you contact democratic.services@reigate-banstead.gov.uk in advance, if you are planning to film at a meeting, so that officers are aware and can offer their support and guidance on the facilities available.